Quality and compliance focused software that underpins business and regulatory processes

We help our customers instil a culture of quality and compliance through intuitive, personalised software - embedding a culture of continuous improvement.

Radar - the answer to a challenging regulatory landscape

With an ever-changing regulatory environment, organisations are facing increased pressures to improve quality and compliance. Radar underpins all operational and regulatory frameworks providing an automated way to govern process, encourage standardised behaviours and support group-wide quality improvement across multiple services and business units.


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Truly transformative

Applying a risk-based approach to compliance, Radar delivers holistic performance information through easy-to-understand dashboards and reports.

The software captures, consolidates and automates your specific organisational processes helping you identify existing and potential non-conformances and prompting the delivery of corrective and preventive action plans against these.

This clever automation of operational and regulatory process facilitates a cycle of continuous improvement helping you to turn good practice into standardised behaviours and promote a culture of quality and compliance within your workforce. In turn, the identification of important trends helps you to accurately measure results against your quality objectives and regulatory expectations.

Radar helps you deliver service excellence

Radar enables you to more effectively meet and manage regulatory requirements so you can concentrate on delivering service excellence.


Monitoring and helping improve the delivery of health and social care

Radar Healthcare supports organisations across health and social care to improve quality and compliance by simplifying healthcare-specific regulatory complexities, giving you more time to focus on delivering excellent care.

Visit www.radarhealthcare.co.uk for more information

Effective quality and assurance management for your business                                                      

Radar underpins all operational and regulatory frameworks so whatever your organisational challenges, our intuitive software provides a robust way to govern process, encourage standardised behaviours and support quality improvement.

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